Looking to understand what the differences are in today’s light bulbs? Want to save money on your electric bills every month? Trying to find a way to control your lights from your smartphone? Smart LED light bulbs are new to the market and provide you with these features and more. Given all the new companies coming out with light bulbs, I created this guide to research the best selling brands and lights out there.

Here are the current five best selling smart LED light bulbs with a detailed review of each:

The Winners for 2017:

Best all around Smart LED Light Bulb Phillips Hue Smart LED Bulb 

Best Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb – Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

Best Hubless Wifi Smart LED Light Bulb LIFX

Best value Smart LED Light Bulb for your money Cree Connected





Smart LED Light Bulb Facts:

Did you know that installing LED light bulbs in your house can save you $4 per light bulb? This is with a light bulb running for 2 hours when compared to a normal incandescent light bulb. The average house now has about 30 interior light bulbs which means a savings of $120 per year on your energy bills. That’s $120 per year you can spend with friends and family or save for your retirement.

Smart LED Light Bulbs have many other valuable qualities:

LED Light Bulbs will last 25 times as long as an incandescent light bulb and 2.5 times as long as a CFL light bulb (LED’s last ~25,000 hours!). This produces far less waste for the environment without the harsh chemicals in the CFL bulbs. With this long life, you don’t have to swap out those hard to reach light bulbs annually anymore. Just put in the LED bulb and forget about it!

With LED light bulbs becoming “Smart” or “Connected” this opens up a lot of options for the modern homeowner. These smart LED light bulbs can be connected to your home network, or directly to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth. You can change the colors or dim the lights to fit your mood, remotely make sure all the lights in the house are off, or schedule your lights to make it look like someone is home t improve your security.

With all these reasons its easy to see why people are looking for Smart LED light bulbs for their house. The problem is there is so much information and everything is so new, its hard to know what to buy. I created this guide in order to help you find the best Smart LED light bulbs for your home.

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